About Us

St. Anne’s Bakery has been a beloved destination for Negambo’s sweet tooth since 2008. From classic Sri Lankan delights like Kokis and Kavum to international favourites like brownies and cupcakes, St. Anne’s Bakery is a must-visit for anyone in search of unique and delicious baked goods. With a commitment to providing the freshest and highest quality ingredients, St. Anne’s Bakery is sure to satisfy any and all cravings, sweet or savory. Stop by for a delightful experience and a tasty treat!



Address: No 59, St. Joseph Rd, Ettukala, Negambo, 11500

Open Hours: 7:00am to 7:00pm (Monday - Saturday)

Email: stannesbakery4@gmail.com



Chicken Pastry

Rs. 390.00

Chicken Pizza

Rs. 490.00

Chicken Egg Pastry

Rs. 460.00

Egg Sandwich

Rs. 230.00

Fish Capsicum

Rs. 390.00

Fish Cutlet

Rs. 340.00

Fish Pastry

Rs. 390.00

Fish Roll

Rs. 290.00

Seafood Pie

Rs. 580.00

Seeni Sambol Bun

Rs. 360.00

Tuna Sandwich

Rs. 580.00

Chicken Romania

Rs. 290.00

Chicken Hotdog

Rs. 340.00

Vegetable Pattie

Rs. 240.00

Vegetable Samosa

Rs. 290.00


Contact Us

For orders, Contact us on out hotlines +9477 782 7373 and +9477 242 8877 or email us at stannesbakery4@gmail.com